About eDistrict Project Manager


The eDistrict project is to be implemented at the offices at District and its field offices (Tehsils, Blocks, Circles, etc.). While the implementation of the project would involve activities at the State level, there are significant implementation activities to be carried out at the districts which would cover training, site preparation, data digitization, co-ordination for hardware installations etc. Though these activities would be carried out by various agencies engaged through bidding process, it would require dedicated manpower for doing the local level co-ordination and reporting to the DM / DC  / or any officer designated for implementation of the eDistrict Project by the state at district level on the progress of the project. Post implementation, the district authorities would again require dedicated and skilled manpower to manage the operations on day-to-day basis and to ensure streamlined delivery of services.



eDistrict Manager for eDistrict Mission Mode Project


Reporting To


Directly to District Collector / District Magistrate or any officer designated for implementation of the eDistrict Project by the State at district level.

Indirectly to SDA through District Collector enabled through PMIS which has to be updated at least on a fortnightly basis by eDistrict Manager




District eGovernance Society (DeGS)


Key Functions


i.  Co-ordination with multiple stakeholders

ii. Point of Contact for retrieving information related to various activities and initiatives taken in the district related to eDistrict MMP